Genderqueer And Non-Binary Identity

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Following the gay and lesbian rights movements of the latter half of the 20th century many new discourses highlighting gender dynamics have emerged. One of the most contemporary gender identities to reappear in mainstream culture is transgender. Unfortunately, following these rights movements during the 1990s, the term transgender became an umbrella term for all people not fitting within a cisgender, binary identity as prescribed by their at-birth biological sex. Two of the terms which were bundled into the ‘transgender’ identity is genderqueer and non-binary identities. These people either find their identities to fall outside of the gender binary system. Some of them identify as neither male nor female, some identify as different genders at different times, some identify as both genders at the same time, and others identify as having no gender at all.
These ideas challenge most people’s ideology surrounding biological sex, considering that we associate sex and gender, closely. However, as these people living outside the binary would argue, there is absolutely no correlation between a person’s biological sex and gender. Resulting from a recent rise in non-binary gender advocates, these identities are slowly becoming recognized in legal, medical, and psychological spheres. The reason this matters is related to the cultural and social emphases that we in the United States, and many Western cultures, place on biological sex and conventions of gender. If our worldview inserts

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