Gender Dysphoria

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The term ‘transgender’ is defined as an individual who believes that their gender identity does align with the biological sex for which was assigned at birth. It is critical to note that one’s gender and biological sex are two very different things. Biological Sex is derived from one’s anatomy, which essentially includes: genitals, chromosomes, and hormones. The ‘gender’ is derived from social/cultural stated norms; gender is also completely subjective from an individual standpoint to be speculated and influenced by society. To aid in differentiating these concepts, bring oneself back to the 1900s, were in an article (The Social Construction of Sexuality) by Seidman, he reveals that: “Some scientist believed that the homosexual was a type …show more content…

Gender dysphoria is also commonly referred to as Gender Identity Disorder (GID). The disorder is in reference to the mental state of denying one’s biological sex and maintaining the belief of one’s gender does not align. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) states that to be diagnosed with “gender dysphoria,” it must persist in these individuals for at least six months ("DSM Replaces Gender Identity Disorder With Gender Dysphoria"). The solutions for ‘fixing’ this disorder are taking hormone therapy, doing gender expression therapy, or having reproductive surgery. In the transgender society, most unwillingly will be classified with gender dysphoria in order to receive any treatment to aid in the gender reversal process ("What Is Gender …show more content…

Silva Rivera was a Porta Rican street drag queen, whom along with her friend Marsha P. Johnson created Star House. The Star House was a refuge for transgender runaways and was intended for young transgender people to avoid the comings of being transgender in society. The issues mainly of concern for Rivera and Johnson was regarding prostitution and housing discrimination. However, the employment discrimination was a severely persistent issue that even the Star House couldn’t keep away (The New York

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