General Artificial Intelligence ( Ai )

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My research interests lie in the area of general Artificial Intelligence (AI). In my doctorate, I want to focus on making AI robotic systems safe, interactive and trustable. This follows from my master’s thesis work on explainable AI. I believe that this unexplored field is an essential step needed to integrating cutting-edge technology into our society, as this will increase its trustworthiness among people. For example, an autonomous car coming late to pick us up should be able to say, “The fifth avenue had bad traffic,” for the human to rely on the technology. This transparency in robots is necessary for people to be not only able, but also willing, to use such technology to its fullest potential. Therefore, I believe this new field will be the main focus of the next decade.

I developed an interest in robotics from participating in many robotics competitions in my undergraduate at IIT Madras, India. I further pursued this by taking up various extracurricular projects from robotics clubs and individual professors. Altogether, these further spurred my interest in Machine Learning and Robotics, so I decided to further refine my interest by pursuing a master’s degree in robotics here at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), as the robotics research here is unparalleled.

At CMU, I am currently working with Prof. Manuela Veloso, Head, Machine Learning Department, and Dr. Stephanie Rosenthal. During my first year at CMU, I pioneered the concept of Verbalization to formalize the
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