College Admissions Essay: An Engineering Mind

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An Engineering Mind
“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” -Henry Ford
The best way to improve oneself is to take on challenges. Whether a personal challenge or a challenge of current standards, the development of oneself is vastly different when compared to those who chose the easy path of life. Blazing a new path has unlimited possibilities and once on it, we must ask ourselves where we are headed. This answer can be simple or complicated. What do you enjoy? And…What is socially and economically acceptable? For me, the answer is simple: Computer Engineering.
Although I have only reached this realization recently, the journey of attaining this vision was an important and rewarding experience. Throughout school, I opted to take many electives to get an idea of what my interests were: zoology, law, web design, photoshop, computer applications, and others. Comparatively, nothing peaked my interest like a computer related class. This lead me to seek out my school’s FIRST Robotics Team. Learning how the gadgets we use every day work was always a curiosity of mine, but I
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States, Nicaragua, Traverse Bay Native American Reservation, and the Marshall Islands, my diverse view on life will positively shape my perspective of the engineering world. My worldly view will continue to influence my college career and eventually my professional career. I plan to be on the forefront of technology improving lives and advancing the communities around me. I strive to gain a knowledge base that will allow me to be of service to my community as well as my country. I am determined to be a leader in technological advancement: increasing the opportunities for all people to benefit from the life-improving technology that is waiting to be created. I plan to challenge myself and those around me. This is the beginning and I plan to launch my career by taking off against the
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