General Electric As A Global Company

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General Electric is a global company that provides diversified products and services as well as continuing to create and improve on many different products and services. The company has endured economic hardship during some of the most difficult economical and social periods in United States history. General Electric operates in both domestic and global environments and thrives in many parts of the world that could be considered economically challenged. General Electric has products and services that include functions with power and water, electricity, aviation, healthcare, transportation, and capital. Jeffrey Immelt is the current Chief Executive Officer. Under his leadership, General Electric has maintained the company’s status as the …show more content…

Utilizing patents that belonged to each business, both companies were having increased difficulty producing completely independent electrical installations. The solution was to bring both businesses together and form one conglomerate. In 1892 the General Electric Company was born. The culture established in the merger would lead General Electric into the future and determine how successful the company would become. Organizational culture encompasses the values and assumptions shared within an organization. (McShane & Glinow, 2015) The organizational culture in General Electric is established by the many qualities of the company and its employees that assist in helping design the future direction of the organization. Evidence of General Electric’s organizational culture can be found in the organizational symbols that the public readily identifies with. The most obvious symbol of General Electric is the company logo. The visual representation of General Electric starts with a circular logo that is meant to represent the company’s timeless quality. The smaller markings inside the circle allude to the constant motion and innovation the company maintains with its products and services. The interconnected initials are also meant to symbolize connectivity and fluidity as well as the sophistication of

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