Essay on Ge Globalization Strategies: Close Analysis

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GE Globalization Strategies
Close Analysis

Global Management: D1125

This report talks about the successful strategies adopted by GE that was accountable for its success. It will start by answering the question the importance of studying GE recent globalization strategies and practices, and then, by giving a quick background of the company globalization process evolution. After that, the report will demonstrate a close analysis to 4 main strategies of the company. Finally a conclusion will be given based upon the current challenges and future perspective.

Company Highlights

GE was found by Thomas Edison in 1893. It has around 343,000 employees and operation over 100 countries. The company experienced continuous
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Currently, GE has six business units: GE Infrastructure, GE Industrial, GE Healthcare, NBC Universal, GE Commercial Finance, and GE Consumer Finance. And with strategic horizontal diversification, GE could strengthen its economic stability throughout the last 20 years among all the different challenges came up into the business environment, and rather to keep its growth increasing.

Doing these acquisitions at some certain stages were important to diversify GE technologies and maximize its market share (Immelt, 2005), however, the balancing between growing organically by empowering the company from within and acquiring some companies is even more important for setting up the company directions. Since more than half of the company revenue is derived from its financial services (Company Data 2008), this brings the argument onto the table about the nature of the company making it a financial company with a manufacturing arm.

2. Focus On Growth

Despite the fact that the company could grow by doing more and more acquisitions, it was vital for the company to invest in its own organic growth. The company aims to grow organically two to three times higher than the global GDP of 80% (Immelt, 2005).

General Electric, known for the 9 Box Matrix or McKinsey - GE Matrix for growth share strategy developed in late 70s, was continually working on improving its growth capabilities. These strategies helped GE to identify and sell off
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