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General Motors (GM) is a leading corporation in the automotive industry. GM claims that they are committed to distributing vehicles that are economic, offer compelling designs, high quality, reliability, and safety for their consumers (General Motors, n.d.). However, evidence displays that needed organizational and cultural changes continue to occur within the GM Corporation to successfully offer such commitment (Samilton, 2014). It is arguable that a faulty ignition switch and recall had a large impact on these ongoing changes (Samilton, 2014). GM requires analysis of its organization and organizational transition to assure industry success.
In the subsequent discussion, the GM Corporation will be analyzed by a team of Grand Canyon University (GCU) students. Deficiencies within the four functions management that led to the faulty ignition switch difficulty and GM recalls will be identified. Organizational structure and structure changes post recall will be assessed. GM’s organizational design type will be evaluated. A strategic, tactical, and operational plan will be discussed to assist in future GM success. Culture analysis at the time of the recall compared to GM’s current culture will be presented. The four steps of the control process, how GM managed these steps, and suggestions for future changes in approach will be conversed. Lastly, principles that GM should consider to assure being a servant leader in the automotive industry will be offered.
The GCU students

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