General Motors in China

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General Motors Company in China Huseyin Akbulut Southern New Hampshire University Abstract This paper aims to explore the cultural barriers that GM encounters while doing business in China especially in terms of language and Asian mind difference. As a matter of fact, we cannot examine all the cultural barriers due to the scope of the paper. On the other hand, some differences emerging from different thinking behavior between US and China are exemplified in the second part of the paper. In the first part, the company information and the SWOT analysis of GM are given before going further with the Asian operations of the company. A- Company Information: First of all, General Motors Corporation changed name with the…show more content…
The reason of the increasing sales is increasing sales of Buick, Chevrolet, and Cadillac. The target of 2 million car sales is achieved according to GM website as of November 2010. (GM fact sheet, GM website 2010) GM has a dreadful strategic alliance with Daewoo Company (GM Daewoo) in South Korea as far as the Asian Pacific market concerned like the case indicated. GM Daewoo has started to increase sales, yet, it needs way to go. GM Daewoo is the low cost production base with its facilities in South Korea and Vietnam for some GM brands such as Hummer and Saturn and Opel of European Operations. The subsidiary made some moves to expand its operations in Europe by purchasing former Uzbekistan and Romania plants of Daewoo and Polish car maker Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych (FSO) (GM Daewo Company overview, Hoovers website, 2010, December 5). GMAC INC. This incubation is the financial subsidiary of the General Motors Company through which the dealers of GM offers credits or lease financing, vehicle insurance and extended service contracts (10 K annual report, 2010 April 7, GM website) . GMAC (General Motors Auto Insurance) was the most financially strong subsidiary of the old GM Company. Yet, GMAC is not wholly owned by GM since 2006. GMAC agreed with Chrysler to provide auto finance services for the Chrysler dealers in 2009, which made the company to leverage its core strength of auto financing. On the
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