General Science Class And Grade 9

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Subject / grade level: General Science Class / Grade 9 Lesson objectives: By the end of the lesson students will be able to explain with 90% accuracy that 1) the density of a substance is related to its temperature and composition of materials 2) convection currents are caused by differences in density of the medium in which they occur ENGAGEMENT At the beginning of class students will take a short pre-assessment quiz and answer a short question about the experiment they were assigned to perform at home prior to class. This experiment required them to stand in front of refrigerator at home in shorts with bare feet and open both doors, they were to note which part of their body felt the cold air first. A brief demonstration showing a uninflated balloon placed over an empty bottle, the bottle will be placed in near boiling water. Students will be asked to predict what will happen to the volume of the balloon and afterwards try to elicit comments on the density of the air inside at the start and finish of heating. EXPLORATION Student will then be split up into six groups of four to three students and asked to perform experiments. The first experiment will involve filling wide mouth jars with either ice water or very hot water (colored), stacking them open-mouthed on top of each other with a slick plastic card
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