General View Of Consumer Trends

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The US market is an ever changing, heavily influenced entity that affects consumers and the purchases they decide to make which in turn affects our economy and so forth. Some of the main perspectives of consumer trends are demographics, psychographics, economy, value, environment, global influences, and of course consumption as it relates to products, brands, and shopping habits. In the following research paper we will cover a general view of Consumer Trends in the US Market by going in depth on the consumer factors of demographics, the global perspective, and online consumption. Consumer Trends: Demographics Demographics are constantly changing and affecting the marketplace daily as they continue to evolve and influence consumer decisions. Factors such as age, race, gender, family, marriage, income, and living arrangements all affect and make up the ever-changing consumer and their buying habits in the US market. “The most rapidly growing age segment in the US, is and will be, 65+” ("Critical Demographic Changes Affecting Marketing" n.d.). The charts show the growth of the population in terms of age group and generations. “There will be growth at the younger end of the age spectrum as Millennials reaches its prime household formation years” ("Critical Demographic Changes Affecting Marketing" n.d.). In terms of marketing to the demographic of millennials, ages 19-39, consumer trends show that these groups show stronger response to entertainment, diversity, and leisure

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