Literature Reveiw About Ethics and Organic Food

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Attitudes and motivations that influence the selection of organic food among consumers

Adeline Marié Supervisor : M. Bloom
ETU 20030459 SUMMARY

General Background 4

1 Market development and cultural factors. 5
1.1 Culture influences the food choice. 5
1.2 The level of development of the country market influences organic food choice 6
1.2.1 A cross- national study of Danish and New-Zealand organic consumers. 6
1.2.2 The moderators of consumption depend on the market development 7

2 The attitudes that influence consumer 9
2.1 Attitudes and the Theory of Planned Behaviour 9
2.1.1 Attitudes 9
2.1.2 The Theory of Planned Behaviour and
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In a first part, we will try to understand the impact on culture on consumption and then the need to look at each country particularly. Then we will discuss the main factors that influence the consumers that is to say: attitudes, values and motivations (combined with socio-demographic factors). Eventually, we will present and analyse the research we decided to base our study on in order to develop the constructs and the propositions of the conceptual framework.

1 Market development and cultural factors.

1.1 Culture influences the food choice.

The most primary factor that gives a direction to an individual is certainly is culture or region of origin. Solomon (1991, chap 15) defines it as "a society 's personality". It 's the sharing among a population of traditions, norms, beliefs and attitudes in one country or in one specific region.

Culture is the first socio-demographic factor that would affect the decision to purchase. Socio-demographic factors (Mac Carthy and Perreault, 1990, p79-81) are the dimensions that affect the consumer act of purchase in a specific consumption context. The typical ways to segment and define consumers are presented in the exhibit 1: the socio-demographic factors.

Regarding this postulate, we can assume that the behaviour will be different from a country to another. For instance, Aarset et. Al (2004) highlighted that from a country to another, organic products are not seen to be

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