Generational Changes Of Body Image

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Kelly Doran Mrs Rambo INQ 110 FF 8 December 2016 Generational Changes of Body Image Each generation as a whole views today’s society differently. Ideal body types have drastically changed throughout the years, each representing their time’s body trends. People looked up to celebrities that illustrated their time’s perfect body. Body trends today are also widely different than trends of the past. Trends are also hyped up on social media platforms, and increase the number of people with bad body image. Body dissatisfaction can come from the rapid growth of social media. Usage of photoshop has also altered some to think that an unattainable body is what one should look like. Plastic and cosmetic surgery has also increased over the past few decades. Millennials are more inclined to get unnecessary surgeries done because they have been brought up thinking it is normal. The combination with body shaming and body dissatisfaction has pushed many to eating disorders. These disorders can even bring out more dangerous consequences that range from minimal to life threatening. Today’s body standards have drastically changed from past generations due to social media, falsified advertising, and the constant desire for impossible body goals. Society’s ideal body type has drastically changed throughout the generations. During the Silent Generation, one would expect a body type to be more rotund and full. This mimicking the “Gibson Girl” bodies, which was the epitome look for females to
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