Genetic Changes In Baby

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There are many possibilities that can happen during the nine months that make a child. During those 9 months in the womb, there can be changes in the process of creating the baby. Usually the chance of having a baby with a disorder is about one in several thousands or millions. These disorders are illnesses caused by changes in a person's DNA. Genetic disorders make people unique from others.

Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia is a rare disorder that not many people get. Before birth, there is abnormal development of structures in the baby. They include the skin, hair, nails, teeth, and sweat glands. There is a mutation in the DNA. In a case of this disorder, the gene, TP63, changed.

Situs inversus is a condition in which the arrangement of the internal organs is a mirror image of normal internal body. The cilia we have spins, sending the organs where they need to be. In this case, the cilia didn't spin at all. This caused all of the organs to go to the wrong place. Everything that should've went left, went right. This condition can also be inherited.
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Mutations of the GL13 gene during development is known to cause this disorder. It is known to be involved in the patterning of tissues and organs. It helps by helping to control whether specific genes are turned off or on. This condition can also be inherited.

There are several types of genetic disorders. They all happen when a gene takes a turn during conception. Not everyone is born with a disorder but those who are have or more abnormalities in the genome. Genetic disorders may be hereditary, but others may be the first ones to ever have a their type of condition. No matter what the case is, everyone is human, but some have a little twist to their
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