Essay on Genetic Engineering Can Be Beneficial in the Modern World

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With today’s extraordinary advances in the field of sciences, more and more efforts are being spent on increasing the quality of human life on Earth. Scientists have now applied what they have learned in the study of genetics to help modify and improve the properties of plants and organisms that we can benefit greatly from. Genetic engineering can be beneficial for humanity in the modern age as they are considered safe, able to support the demand of resources by the ever-increasing human population, and provide potential cure to many incurable diseases and possible life extension.

Genetic engineered products that have been approved for use in the international market are all considered safe. In 1995, genetically …show more content…

The American Association for the Advancement of Science also declares that consuming foods containing ingredients that are derived from GM crops doesn't pose more risk than consuming the same foods containing organic ingredients from crop plants created by modern breeding techniques. On the contrary, Giles Eric Seralini of France was rebuked after publishing a study named Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize in which he found that Roundup Ready corn; a type of genetically modified corn created by Monsanto Company inc. caused grotesque tumors in lab rats. Multiple respectable scientists that wrote one of the most respected scientific journal in the world Nature found many problems with Seralini’s results. In his study on GM crops, Seralini used Sprague-Dawley lab rats that are known to be highly prone to tumours even when GM food wasn’t a part of their diet. A documented study done in the past on these strain of rats has found that 70 to 76.7% of the male and 87 to 95.8% of female had cancer throughout their lifespan under normal circumstances. The only supporters of Seralini’s study came from the two anti GM groups that funded his studies on Gm food (The French Committee for Research and Independent Information on Genetic Engineering

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