Genetic Engineering Impact

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The Impact of Genetic Engineering in Our Generation
Walter Clement Noel was the first patient described with sickle cell disease in 1910. Noel suffered for years with identical symptoms to sickle cell patients today, and eventually died from overexertion in 1910 at age 32. Gene therapy research is on the verge of curing sickle cell and many other genetic disorders by simply replacing the affected gene with a new one. According to Francis Fukuyama, “The mere fact that their may be unanticipated or long-term side affects will not deter people from pursuing genetic remedies” (680). Genetic engineering is becoming more available in this generation, and many residents of this world are starting to take advantage of all the different types of genetic
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There are some advantages to gender selection; for example, extra time to prepare, a special decision that can now be chosen, and of course getting the gender a couple desires. Many oppose of gender selection in this generation because it could pose an imbalance of genders, ethical reasons, and also it takes away the natural process part of having children. According to John Harris, “It is suggested the pattern of preference will be such as to create severe imbalance in the population of society with harmful social consequences” (146). Gender selection is defying the laws of nature and many believe humans should not be doing so. If the child knows they are a “Designer Baby” they may feel different than others leading to psychological disorders, and gender selection can cost $20,000 and is not 100% guaranteed which makes it an impractical expense. Couples who use gender selection may be viewed in a negative way by others causing them to regret their decision. There are many disadvantages and advantages of gender selection and it will continue to be a controversial topic in this…show more content…
Many researchers believe genetic engineering will change our human nature and the way we perceive the world. Gene selection, stem cell therapy, and gender selection all have their advantages, but these advantages will most likely come with a price to our generation if genetic engineering is not controlled. If genetic engineering is not controlled, it could cause mass chaos and divide the population economically and socially. Humans who could afford genetic engineering would be more superior from the advantages over the humans who could not afford it. Genetic engineering could make miracles happen; for example, sickle cell could have been eradicated before Walter Noel was conceived allowing him to be born disease free. The people of this generation will choose whether we benefit greatly from genetic engineering or destroy everything over power and
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