Genetic Engineering Is Controversial Due To Some People

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Genetic Engineering is controversial due to some people believing that genetic engineering is playing God. Opposition against this scientific field stands due to the lack of understanding of its value, or fear what may come out of following this new field of science. A portion of history is owed to genetic engineering as has led to many of the food products we enjoy today. Though there are some minuet deficiencies to genetic engineering or maybe because of them, there are ethical issues in today’s society that hinder and regulate genetic engineers. The form of genetic engineering today is a more efficient than our ancestors practice, selective breeding. All humans practiced selective breeding in one way or another. Its process is the…show more content…
Most recently nematode worms are being genetically engineered with different proteins to study Alzheimer 's disease. In the prelude to these events the National Human Genome Research Institute was formed in 1990 and has been guiding the activities of genetic engineers since its founding. In 1997, the National Institutes of Health had a conference to discuss the ethics and possibilities entailed with genetic engineering. One interesting topic reviewed were the mutations in the human genome and their hereditary prospects and properties. Euro Mäntyranta was one such anomaly, a Finnish champion in his own right by winning two cross country Olympic gold medals. Not only from skill or talent did his victory come, but he had assistance from a genetic mutation that increased his red blood cell count. This newly found mutation increased his aerobic prowess. This mutation is only one of many that are found around the world and to control them is a goal waiting to be achieved. (Wilgar, Scott ) Passing genetic code does not always have to be used to help a species as genetic engineering can be used to hinder or kill one. Dr. Esvelt who is the leader of the Sculpting Evolution group wishes to modify malaria-carrying mosquitoes. The idea is to control the mosquito population with an engineered population, and giving that
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