Genetic Engineering is the Future Essay

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Genetic Engineering is the Future The debate over genetic engineering has emerged as one of the hot topics of today's political mainstream. With new discoveries happening everyday, science is coming closer to achieving perfection in the art of genetic manipulation. But is it all worth it? Some people argue that genetic engineering is a corporate scandal, and simply allows large companies to make more money. I will show through my research that the benefits of gene alteration far outweigh the claimed consequences. The actual process of gene transfer is very complicated. The first companies to employ genetically altered products emerged only 40 years ago. With fast developing technology, researchers are able to examine…show more content…
Through gene isolation scientists can increase not only the size of seeds and crops, but also change different aspects of the plant. In dry climates, the plants can be altered to have deeper roots. (Cowell, Online) But it goes beyond simple physical enhancements. By removing the genes that caused reactions to pesticides, farmers were able to use bug sprays and not sacrifice any crops. Scientists can also even alter plants to have a less attractive odor for insects. They developed an "antibiotic resistance" to insects by synthesizing an antixenotic resistance mechanism in the wheat midge of a seed. (Berzonsky, pg. 238) This causes bugs to be repelled by the plant through its odor. This translates to less spread of disease, and less loss of crops. What is even more amazing is that DNA alteration has been successfully used not only in plants, but in animals as well. But for arguments sake, I must present the other side of the situation. Many claim that using DNA to change food and animals is not right. People question the morality of the issue, and also the integrity. The idea of changing the genetic makeup of a living animal is quiet scary. One could consider it as using the force of god. In addressing this issue I believe that person?s beliefs are their own. In an academic setting however we must disregard this. The much more pressing accusation of genetic enhancement employing companies, is the question of are these
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