Genetic Modification Research Paper

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Introduction - Australia should strongly investigate this question because it could have massive ramifications in the development of the human life in the future. The genetic modification of human embryos could change the way we live in a good way because it has the ability to change the intelligence, appearance and cure genetic disease. But on the other hand the genetic modification of human embryos can also have a bad effect because at the moment their have been trials done in which the subject has died. At the moment scientist can delete and insert pieces of DNA into specific cells through a simple and new piece of technology know as CRISPR. CRISPR has the possibility to cure genetic disease, create tougher plants and wipe out malaria-carrying…show more content…
Genetic mutations either directly cause a disease such as Cystic fibrosis, or they contribute to it greatly for example Alzheimer's and the heart disease Cardiomyopathy. Genetic mutations can make our bodies more susceptible to attack from viruses or our own immune system. If genetic modification of human embryos does occur in the future these such diseases could and most probably will be made extinct. Another appealing benefit for genetic modification of human embryos is the fact that it can extend peoples life span. The genetic modification of human embryos will increase life span because people will not pass away from genetic mutations. It will also increase life span because we will be able to modify the different genetics of ageing.

Against Genetic Modification
One of the major disadvantages of genetic modification of human embryos is that there is a possibility of new disease being formed. Another disadvantage is the religious issues that come with genetically modifying human embryos because people feel as though there are certain bounds that should not be crossed and genetic engineering crosses them because it is not the natural way of life. Genetic modification of human embryos is also
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