The World Is Too Much

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The world is too much, the title of a Wordsworth poem concerning the consequences of technology, these are words that dwell in infamy. Being cautious in regards to the detrimental potential of technology does not make one a luddite, it merely labels one as rational human, however not realizing the capacity technology has for good does, specifically the capacity for human genetic modification to improve our species. Broadly, the extent to which genetic modification of humans should be permissible, is the extent to which it ensures indefinitely the increase of well being as opposed to the negation of its usage in any particular context. This is a fascinating and multifaceted proposition entailing a discussion of science and moral philosophy. Firstly we shall look at instances when human genetic modification should not be employed and why, in order to provide clarity and insight for when it should be applied. In the introduction the term ensure is used purposely. When employing technological mechanisms that may entail extremely detrimental results, it is important to only utilize the the technology in cases of necessity, and to preemptively maximize certainty. The primary use of human genetic modification takes the form of preventing systemic(which in context is used synonymously with prenatal) diseases. However in a majority of cases a prenatal diagnosis can be equally if not more effective than a procedure employing human genetic modification, while entailing a fraction…
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