Genetic Roulette Summary

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So many facts presented in the video “ Genetic Roulette “ caught my attention. The background about how GMO began was intriguing. The genetic engineering began in the 1970s to kill weeds. Simply let’s make this special corn that will be resistant to our special spray but the weeds which are behaving in a parasitic manner to our crops won’t be able to survive. At first this sounds innocuous enough. However when it is mentioned that Glyphosate- ten years before the initial usage of genetically modified corn – marked as a compound that causes chelation, you start to wonder if maybe scientist should have searched harder for another compound. Genetic Roulette then explained that Monsanto’s Roundup ready crops, which are then sprayed with Roundup –each of which contains the worrisome chelation agent Glyphosate –, are nutrient deficient of essential minerals such as magnesium. Nevertheless the two biggest truths that perturbed me the most were the links between genetically modified organisms and infertility, birth defects and allergies. I feel as though I should explain as to why these realities were of extra …show more content…

The momentous occasion marks the transition for every girl into womanhood as it signals that she is now capable of reproducing. The ability to conceive and have children for a majority of women is seen as birthright even if she desires not to. The ability to conceive is seen as an enduring unfailing fact of life but be that as it may Monsanto and the freaky family of Glyphosate are making that a thing of the past. According to Genetic Roulette and the capable experts who appeared in the video the direct and more importantly INDIRECT exposure to the Geno-toxin Glyphosate was linked with infertility. As the usage of glyphosate laced crops and subsequently the yet unnamed new organism that causes infertility has spread so has the frequency of infertility

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