Genetic Screening Techniques Essay

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What Techniques are used in Genetic Screening?
Several screening techniques are used to determine the location of a disease causing gene therefore it is important for families to understand the process of genetic screening. All patients will be given a simple explanation on the process of inheritance and how 50% of each parent’s DNA is combined to make up the offspring’s DNA as well as an explanation as to why DNA segments are affected by mutations in genetic codes.

The use of counselling is other effective technique used in genetic screening. A counselling session with an industry professional is provided before and after genetic screening as it assures families of the possible outcomes and assists them in deciding whether genetic testing is well suited for them.
What needs to be supplied for a test?
Genetic tests are completed by analysing small samples of body tissues to determine whether an individual carries a genetic disorder. Many types of body fluids and tissues can be used in genetic testing, for example DNA, small samples of blood, skin and bone can be supplied to be taken away for further testing. For genetic testing before birth
What Ethnical Issues surround the issue of genetic screening?
The use of pedigree charts are an
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This disease is a serve hereditary form of anaemia which results in a mutated from of haemoglobin in red blood cells. This disease is a recessive genetic disease meaning two copies of the gene must be mutated from an autosomal recessive disorder which simply means both parents must be a carrier of this genetic disorder (NHS CHOICES, 2013).
This mutation causes the red blood concave into a crescent mood shape which eventually leads to the interference of transport for all blood cells moving throughout the body and with the lack of haemoglobin, the red blood cells become weak and
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