Genetic Testing : Types Of Medical And Forensic Tests

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Genetic Testing


Genetic Testing is the process of using medical and forensic tests to identify and analyse a human, animal or plant DNA sequence. It can reveal changes or mutations in your genes that may result in illness and disease.


Presymptomatic and predictive testing
If you have a family history of a condition, undergoing genetic testing before you have symptoms may reveal if you 're at risk for developing that condition

Carrier testing
If you have a family history of a genetic disorder or belong to an ethnicity that has a high risk of a certain genetic disorder, you may have genetic testing before you have children to see if you are a carrier and can pass on that disease to the child.

Diagnostic Testing
Genetic testing can reveal if you have a suspected disorder that runs in your family or if you have symptoms of a disease that may be caused by mutations in your DNA.

This type of genetic testing assists people in identifying what medication and dosage will be the best and most effective for them.

Newborn screening
This type of genetic testing is very important because results can show genetic disorders right away in newborn babies. The faster these abnormalities are tested for and identified, the faster treatment and proper care for the illness can be provided.

Prenatal testing
A prenatal test can detect abnormalities in baby’s genes when women are pregnant. Down syndrome and trisomy 13 are genetic

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