Genetic Treatment : An Expensive Technique That Can Only Be Affordable

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High Costs
Secondly, genetic treatment is such an expensive technique that can only be affordable to a few individuals. According to Dennis Brandy & Johnson Y. Carolyn (2015), a gene therapy in Europe costs $1 million in general and this is unaffordable to majority of people who would then prefer buying normal medications. It is for this reason that most hospitals do not offer the service. However, plans are underway to make the financial burden lighter by coming up with reasonable payment plans. In general, acceptability of genetic treatment has largely been hindered partly by the costs involved in the whole process.
Many treatment sessions Also, most gene treatments are short-lived and so patients require undergoing numerous treatment sessions. Therapeutic DNA require being functional in the long term in order to give a permanent cure. Nonetheless, complexity of incorporating the DNA into genome merged with the truth that numerous cells split so quickly means that long-term benefits are almost impossible to accomplish and repetitive treatments are required.
Risks associated with therapy
Further, undergoing a gene therapy to correct a deficiency can kill someone. Dennis Brandy & Johnson Y. Carolyn (2015) gives the case of a teenager who died when undergoing gene therapy trial in Arizona. Reports showed that the teenager had a severe immune reaction in the late 90’s. After this incidence, people lost confidence on the effectiveness of genetic treatment. Things worsened in…
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