Genetically Modified Organisms Is Very Complicated And Long

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The history of genetically modified organisms is very complicated and long. But what is a GMO? A genetically modified organism is the result of a laboratory procedure that DNA from one species are extracted and forced into the genes of an unrelated organism ( It started in 1935 by a russian scientist, his name was Andrei Nikolaevitch Belozersky). But what Nikolaevitch did was he isolated pure deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Then in 1953 James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the double helix structure of DNA, this lead to many more discoveries because now we know the main structure for DNA, this also lead to scientist to identify and splice genes. “In DNA splicing, one organism’s DNA is cut apart and another organism’s DNA is slipped in the gap” (Gaughan). In 1973 Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen put together their own research to create the very first successful recombinant DNA organism. So why in the world would we ever change a plant, or an animal? The reason people have engineered GMOs is for crops to resist pathogens, herbicides, also the crops have bigger yields, faster reproduction basically what ever makes the organism better and more abundant.

But the public has had its concerns, and they still do, but in 1992 the FDA has stated that genetically engineered foods and “not inherently dangerous”, this means GMOs do not require special regulations. In 1901 a company named Monsanto was founded and sold chemical saccharin to Coca-Cola as an artificial sweetener, but in

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