Genetically Modified Organisms:Its Dangers to Human Society Essay

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Corn, soybeans, golden rice, and tomatoes have one point in common. These foods are genetically modified organisms. Genetically Modified Organisms(GMOs), also known as transgenic crops or biotech foods, refer to organisms whose gene has been transformed using modern technology. As the global population has grown dramatically over the years, the necessity of more food to eat increased also. That is why the technology which modifies the gene of the organism was used to invent varieties of vegetables for increased productivity and high quality. These days, many genetically modified foods appear on our dining table. Sugar beet, cotton, sugar cane, corn, soybeans, golden rice and tomatoes are the representatives of GM crops and you could easily …show more content…

The pollen of Monarch butterfly caterpillars died because of the pollen of Bt-corn, which is a combination of commercial corn and a naturally occurring soil bacterium called Bacillus thuringenesis. Monarch butterfly caterpillars do not eat Bt-corn but the pollen of Bt-corn can be transferred to milkweed plants which Monarch butterfly caterpillars usually eat for growth, through the medium of the air. Since these Bt-toxins are very fatal to many larvae, this had been connected to high mortality rate in caterpillars. Though it was a laboratory experiment which circumstances were artificial, this phenomenon could happen in the real nature very easily. Besides by wind, this indiscriminate transferring could occur by soil also. Non-modified organism which is adjacent to the genetically modified one could cross breed indiscriminately(Losey, Rayor & Carter, 1999). Moreover, if a crop that is engineered for pesticide tolerance and a weed cross breed, the pesticide resistance genes from the crops relocate to the gene of the weed. Converted genes that are modified for herbicide tolerance could transfer to pests which are adjoining it, and the weeds herbicide resistant. As a result, it associates with the birth of super-organisms such as super weeds and super pests. Then, it will be more difficult to control noxious plants because we can’t eliminate weeds by normal level of herbicides. Furthermore, this cross-pollination method induces variety of mutations

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