Genetically Modified Technology And Their Growing Popularity Within Farmers Essay

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Genetically modified technology refers to the process of isolating an exogenous gene from animals, plants, or microbes and transferring it to another organism. Many people have concerns with the process of genetically modified foods, and its growing popularity within farmers. The persistence with which GMF organizations want farmers to turn their farm into a genetically modified farm is sometimes overboard. So much so, farmers grow tired of these organizations bugging them, and these farmers eventually agree to modify their crops. Neighboring farmers have concerns that the GMF herbicides would spread to their own farms, causing their farms to have a modified effect on crops. The first generation of modified crops main objective was to make the crops insect resistant and herbicide tolerant. Some of the benefits to planting these new GM crops was the decreased need to spray their farms with the insecticides and herbicides. These concerns with GMF also included labels, safety/health, and the perception of GMF. There are questions of which foods are genetically modified, because most of the organizations don’t put labels on their products. People protested the companies and demanded that these such companies put labels on products, so that consumers against modification could pick out the food that is organic. Protesters would try to bring down a company, but usually could not find enough evidence to make a case against them. GM foods, corporate, and state actors are

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