Genghis Kh An Type Of Ruler

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There are several types of rulers in this world. There are the rulers who are elected by their people, there are those who are born into a royal family, and there are those who strike fear in the eyes of their people, and rule with terror. Temujin, more commonly known as Genghis Khan, was this type of ruler. Historians will often say that he was a ruthless, evil, and bloodthirsty man from whom there is nothing to learn. Surprisingly though, Genghis Khan was from humble, and insignificant beginnings which shaped his rise to power, and taught him crucial life lessons that enabled him to rule the empire. Despite what historians may say, there is much that can be learned from Temujin’s rise to power.

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Although both parties agreed that there would be no fighting that night, it didn’t stop the Tartars from poisoning his drink, which resulted in his death. When Temujin had gotten word of his father’s death, he postponed the marriage, and immediately headed home to claim his position as the chieftain of the tribe. Unfortunately for Temujin, he was only nine year olds, and nobody acknowledged him as clan chief. After this failed attempt to become chief, Temujin’s family was ostracized to near refugee status. This left Temujin alone with no one, but his mother and siblings to fight for themselves. It was then when Temujin learned his first lesson, which was to rule over a group, they must respect you and acknowledge you.

The years after Temujin was exiled from the clan, were some of the most important years of his life. It was during this time that he learned some of the most important lessons. It is said that Temujin feared three things in his life: his mother, his wife, and dogs. He feared his mother because she was both fierce and loving at the same time. She understood that Temujin would eventually rule an empire and she raised him to be cunning and tough. Perhaps, she might have been too tough on him though. One night, when the family was short on food, Temujin and his brother both found a fish, and his brother took it. Temujin was not happy about this and demanded that he give it back. The brother refused so Temujin killed him in a

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