Genghis Kh The Great And France 's Napoleon Bonaparte Essay

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Genghis Khan united Mongol tribes and through conquest was able to bring peace and stability under Mongol rule and should be viewed with admiration instead infamy. Historically the Mongols were known as an almost unstoppable force that brought with it death and destruction all across Eurasia (Biran, Michal 2004). This long-standing view only offers a glimpse of the Mongol Empire and as a result Genghis Khan has been more comparable to figures such as Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union for his Empire’s brutal war tactics and strategy. They do not dispute that he was a ruthless conqueror responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people. Yet, some of these experts point out, so were a number of larger-than-life Western military leaders, including Greece 's Alexander the Great and France 's Napoléon Bonaparte (Nardo, Don 2011). Not enough credit has been attributed to the Mongol Empire for their nonmilitary achievements. The period of Mongol rule has been called Pax Mongolica meaning Mongol Peace and is used to describe the beneficial consequences that reached the people of Eurasia on the political, social, and economic scale. Noted scholar George Land described the Mongol legacy as “Beneath the rhetoric and propaganda, behind the battles and massacres, hidden by the often self-generated myths and legends, the reality of the two centuries of Mongol ascendancy was often one of regeneration, creativity, and growth.” Before Genghis Khan united his people and established

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