The Secret History Of Genghis Khan By John Man

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The film, secret history of Genghis Khan, which is produced by John Man, presents the untold story of a man who was believed to have been born in a supernatural way. Timuchin, the future Genghis Khan, which means universal ruler, upon his birth, he emerged clutching a blood clot on his right hand which was a sign from heaven that he would become a fierce worrier. This untold story tries to reveal the true life history of Timuchin. History reveals that he was a brutal butcher but from the secret film history of Genghis Khan, it is evident that he was a kindhearted man.
In the movies, during the reign of Genghis Khan, he made sure that he raised the status of women in positions making them prominent. Some of the women that were raised include …show more content…

Instead, Mandukhai was then there after elected to recover and rule the better part of the Batumöngke, then the missing son of Bayan-Möngke was to then ascend to the throne, it is through that that the entire Mongol empire was united, hence restoring what was lost. This is the same as the end times where by those that sinned will be taken to a common place which is in hell where they will burn forever, while those that were faithful to the laws of God will go to heaven and have an eternal happy life. The whole idea being to understand the history of the Mongol queens especially the Mandukhai and not to erase it entirely from our brains.
The book, Secret History of Genghis Khan, explains Timuchin is loyal to his childhood friend Jamuka. This is evident, where the two friends vow to stick together and never break their friendship. This does not happen as expected as Jamuka grows envious of Timuchin and allows the jealousy to consume their friendship. Being a great leader, Timuchin knows what loyalty means and even after being betrayed, he does not decide on revenge but rather chooses to forgive his friend Jamuka and offers him another chance to be his friend. The aspect of forgiveness is reflected in the secret history of Genghis

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