Genide And The Rwandan Genocide

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Although colonialism had been considered relic of the past, most of the people from the independent states worldwide exist under virtual colonial rule even after decolonization. The decolonization wave during the 20th century had swept the world and deemed one of great liberating movements in history. The shape of political world today was dictated by the colonialism. For instance, colonialists drew borders without considering the local sensibilities and realities. Cultural, political and social conditions for the colonized were negated or purposefully misconceived. In the process, an inappropriate identity was imposed to the people and this crippled their esteem, self-efficiency and their long term social development.
The Rwandan genocide was largely tied to the European colonialism by successfully birthing an ethnic divide (Carney, 2014). They brought a new kind of racism upon their invasion in the 20th century. They assumed their own superiority and placed value to those geographically and physically close to themselves. This racism contributed to what came to be referred to as Hamitic hypothesis. Based on the Hamitic hypothesis, more qualities were ascribed to the Tutsi and were labeled intelligent and naturally born to rule. The Hutu on the other side were seen to be dumb but good-natured thus loyal subjects. The Tutsi were given unavoidable admissions into occupations in the administration.
To further limit the Hutu from working in the administration, each person was

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