Genocide in Darfur Essay examples

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Genocide in Darfur Darfur is the western region of the African country of Sudan. Currently, the people of Darfur have been continually attacked by the Sudanese army and by proxy-militia controlled by the Sudanese government. Families are being uprooted and starved, children tormented and murdered by the thousands and women raped without punishment. Innocent civilians in Darfur continue to be victims of unthinkable brutality. Many people have become homeless and seek protection in refugee camps in Chad. Yet despite its outward appearance, Darfur has a vast ethnic diversity and a complex, ancient system of resolving conflict. Genocide has occurred in several places around the world, but in Darfur there are certain reasons why it …show more content…

Furthermore, the region of Darfur is about the size of Texas. Its enormity is one of the sources of the current conflict because most of Darfur is not easily accessible. Traveling in and out of the secluded areas is very tough. There are an unfortunately small amount of all-weather roads. The attackers can travel the terrain much more easily, making it even more difficult for the villagers. The isolated areas make it hard for journalists and humanitarian workers to learn about the activity in the region. This makes it also not easy to gauge the actual number of people affected by the desolation of famine and warfare. In addition, Darfur’s terrain can be classified into four individual sections: mountains, basement rock, watercourses, and sand. In Darfur a large amount of the arable land consists of goz (soil sediment where vegetation grows). Goz can be useful for farming but primarily offers land for grazing herds. Then, through a process the land around the watercourses and the goz makes the land fertile. Each year the land becomes less arable. Also desertification (process that includes arable land decreasing and the desert area increasing), deforestation, the drought and over use of the land have fueled the conflict between various tribal groups. This has caused most of Darfur’s population to become dependent on the southern region. The lack of fertile land is causing the

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