Genre Of Music Essay

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Our data showed some interesting trends for each genre of music. While many of our tests fell in line with what we predicted with our hypothesis, we did have some outliers that we did not account for.
As stated previously, we started by testing the resting heart rate of our subjects as our constant. The overall average of our subjects’ heart rates was 69.92 BPM which falls in line with the standard average. However, some subjects had a harder time relaxing completely while being tested and therefore had a higher resting heart rate. Once the resting heart rate was established, we were then able to compare the heart rates while the subjects were listening to music and see if we could find a significant difference that supported our …show more content…

Another explanation for these increases could be that several subjects started dancing in their seats when they heard the song. The physical movement could have been a cause for the raise in the heart rates. These increases also fit what we originally predicted in our original hypothesis.
The final genre that we tested was classical music and we used “Adagio for Strings” by Samuel Barber. The average heart rate for this song was 70.12 BPM which is just a 0.20 difference from the resting average. The tempo for this song was significantly less than all of the other genres at just 77 BPM. Classical music has multiple studies done suggesting that it can improve newborn babies IQ, helps while studying and helps you fall asleep. While this is not what we tested for, the fact that classical music lowered or kept almost every subjects’ heart rate the same, backs up some of these previous studies that have been performed. In our data, there was one person who was completely different from the rest of the data. As stated previously, all of our subjects tested, except for one, were 18-22 male and female college students. The one subject who did not fit the mold of our other subjects was a male, college professor. This subject’s response to all of the music genres did not come close to any other person’s response. With every single genre of music that was played for this subject, their heart rate lowered significantly. There are a

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