Geographic Jurisdiction

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Jurisdiction is the person’s right to exercise their authority over a territory, subject matter or person. Jurisdiction over a person relates to the authority to try him or her as a defendant. There are two primary categories of jurisdiction; the “geographic jurisdiction” and the “subject-matter jurisdiction.” Jurisdiction over a subject matter relates to authority derived from the country's constitution or laws to consider a particular case. For example, Tony files a tort case against Steve in a state trial court. There is no law which gives any court exclusive jurisdiction to hear this type of case. Therefore, the state trial court has subject-matter jurisdiction over this case. The Geographic jurisdiction is the authority of a court to hear a case based on where the case is located in the system. For example, if Peter commits a crime in Queens, New York, the Queens police have the power to investigate, and the District Attorney for Queens has the authority to bring criminal charges and prosecute the case. The criminal case would then be heard in the state court in Queens.
The FBI is the primary investigative agency for all federal crimes. Other federal agencies concentrate on crimes specific to their missions, i.e. the Secret Service handles financial crimes and threats to the treasury. The boundary of FBI …show more content…

Though, because of little manpower or facilities the local city police or county sheriffs cannot investigate major felonies in small town or in some states. They may turn in the investigation to the stare police or state bureau of investigation.
Only one level of law enforcement agency can have jurisdiction once a crime has been committed for example, the FBI or DEA both would argue over who has jurisdiction of the crime. Once they cannot resolve the issue they would talk directly to the chief of police or

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