Geography In Ancient China

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Geography plays a big role in ancient China. To start off, China is a very isolated country. The location of ancient China is the eastern part of Asia. To be more specific, Bejing China is located 40 degrees north and 116 degrees east. Shanghai is located 31 degrees north and 122 degrees east. Ancient China has many features that define it. For an example, it is built along two main rivers. They are the Yellow River and the Yangtze river. But it also has mountain ranges, deserts, and plains. The Grand Canal had a big role in ancient China. It was China's core economic and agricultural region away from the Yellow River, valley in the north and toward the southern provinces. The Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City is China’s most well know famous architecture. They had to change the land to build these two famous structures. Citizens of ancient China traded and got around to other countries by the Silk Road. Geography played a huge role in ancient China.

Government In ancient China, government is very different then most countries. Instead of presidents they have dynasty’s. A dynasty is a line of hereditary rulers of a country. The shang dynasty was responsible for the starting blocks of of chinese culture and civilization. The steadiness of the country during the Shang Dynasty led up to many cultural advances such as industrialized bronze casting, the calendar, religious rituals, and writing. The first king was Tang. He began to work for the people of

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