Geography Unit 2

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In this Geography GCSE controlled assessment project, I will be focusing on rivers and I have chosen a hypothesis to prove that erosion is making an impact on the Loughton Brook Rivers. My hypothesis is, “The river Loughton brook becomes wider and deeper due to erosion as it moves downstream”. I will be investigating if erosion takes place downstream in the river. I will investigate if hydraulic action has an impact. I will study about vertical erosion, lateral erosion, Cross profile and hydraulic action. The geography field trip we are going to is called Loughton Brook which is located in Epping Forest. Epping Forest is the hugest public forest in London. It is almost 6000 acres and has an area of about 12 miles. Two thirds of Epping…show more content…
In site one there was a high proportion of very unspherical rocks. According to this the hypothesis is right, in site two there is a lot more smother rocks medium sized and in site 3 there are very small pebbles which are very smooth and spherical. The pebbles get smoother and rounder while it goes downstream. Due to us only taking about 10 rocks our result may have been not right as there were some pebbles which were largely over sized. Most of the other load is dissolved by solution such as limestone and chalk Gradient The gradient in site 1 was 0, in site 2 it was 3 and in site 3 was 4. The hypothesis for this was the river gets steeper as you go downwards as the gradient decreases. My measurement is correct based on facts and my theory. Conclusion The results shows us that the hypothesis between the river Loughton brook and the erosion shows that it gets wider and deeper due to many reasons such as vertical erosion, lateral erosion, hydraulic action and abrasion of rocks. Water width and depth increase downstream – more erosion through increased water volumes. Velocity increases downstream due to greater energy levels of higher volumes. Gradient decreases due to slower rate of depth increase downstream. Long axis of pebbles decrease downstream, eroded in transportation process. Strengths of methods used -i can take

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