George Gladwell And The American Dream

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1. Gladwell believes in the American Dream. He believes that, by total willpower and hard work, anyone can be successful. I believe that the American Dream is very much an illusion. It is based on the idea that having wealth gives easy success. But most of the population is not lucky enough to have this wealth. 2. Gladwell’s central premise in outliers is that the people who have intellectual and environmental values are true outliers. Gladwell talks about gradual gain or opportunity a person could have over another person in a certain field. This is something I disagree with because I think more points could have been made to make his case more arguable to the readers, instead of just using statistics and interviews as fact and basing observation …show more content…

They can memorize numbers much easier and faster than us. The cultural and educational differences that Gladwell points to his explanation is that the Asian agriculture demonstrates that Asians have to strive to yield a higher amount of rice paddies in order to support themselves. The Asian language helps Asians excel in math because the language is easy and short for Asians to understand. Rice farming requires a lot of work and teaches Asians to work harder, which makes them want to practice more on math and enjoy it. Math isn’t an innate ability, but in fact it is an attitude. The harder you try, the better you are going to be at math. Most importantly their cultural language helps them with math since it is simplifying the math which makes it much easier to …show more content…

A stereotype that is used in everyday mathematics was explained in the book as to why Asians excel at mathematics. Usually people think asians were just naturally intelligent in this field, but it was a surprise to find out that there had been more to them turning out this way in modern society because of the way their culture emerged and evolved. Reading about the past of the Asian culture gave me a different point of view on asians. This book has given me a interest on the asian culture and I also learned that there could be a reason behind certain stereotypes saying asians are intelligent that make some true but not all. 16. There are definitions of success that Gladwell does not consider. One definition to consider would be getting further in life than you were at the stage of one’s childhood. Another definition would be gaining improvement after failing many times. Both can be achieved with the help of dedication and hard work, but also having high expectations help because then you can strive for harder accomplishments then the ones you can reach

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