George Orwell 1984 Quote Analysis

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Tabula Rasa You cannot avoid it, you cannot outrun it, you cannot fight it, there is no escaping. You can stand staring directly into a mirror for hours on end, but you will never see your reflection. And as you absorb the world around you, your mind will grow tired, your eyes will become blurry, and you will feel as if you are suffocating. You were brought into this world with a personality that will separate you from every other person on this planet. You are unique in every way; what you choose to eat, wear, think, and say. No one can stop you from being you and nothing can impede your imagination, because you are an individual, and no one can take that away from you...except, society. From the moment life was sparked on planet Earth,…show more content…
If I have an opinion on a topic that I decide to share with others or do something about, I better still be within societies wants. Just look at Winston in George Orwell’s 1984. He had his own opinion of Big Brother and when he decided to start doing something about it, the government took him and Julia away and abused them. The government in 1984 also was trying to develop Newspeak, this would be a way to eliminate specific words and phrases that target the government in a negative way. It is bad enough having an opinion or thought of something that you cannot share, and now they are taking away language to express those thoughts and opinions. If you have an out of the box opinion or viewpoint, you are seen as crazy, you are supposed to think in line with what other members of society believe. Same for Galileo by Bertolt Brecht, he had a certain idea or belief related to outer space, and since it was a new idea and there was other studies done in the past, he was thought to be a fool for having such an idea. Society officials wanted him to stop with the non-sense and they said he was wrong and needs to stop trying to change the ideas of others. Once again, showing that if you do not have similar ideas, you are just
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