George Orwell 's Animal Farm

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In the novel Animal Farm, by George Orwell, and the film Elysium, directed by Neill Blomkamp, the authors present a world where inequality between different social classes is evident. Both Orwell and Blomkamp explore the idea of inequality by setting their text in a society where the weak are oppressed by the strong who have power and authority over them. In Animal Farm, Napoleon takes over the farm and becomes a dictator, setting a hierarchy of power to sustain power. Whilst in Elysium, Max, the main protagonist, fights back against the authority of Elysium and sacrifices his life to ensure free healthcare for all back on Earth. To explore the idea of inequality, both authors uses symbolism to explore the theme of oppression, the …show more content…

The seven commandments in Animal Farm are initially made to ensure that all animals are equal and have no connection to humans at all. However, over time Napoleon through his assistant Squealer manipulate the seven commandments, taking advantage of the fact of that most animals are Illiterates. The pigs distort the commandments to suit their own selfish interests, like when Napoleon changes the commandment about drinking. Changing it from ‘No animal shall drink alcohol,’ to ‘No animal shall drink alcohol to excess,’ which oppresses the other animals, as the subtle changes to the commandments allow the pigs to manipulate and control the other animals without any protest, as the new laws allow the pigs to do whatever they want. The pigs’ superior intelligence and education allow them to bring the other animals into submission through the use of propaganda and revisionism of the seven commandants. However in Elysium, security robots made by the company Armadyne, can be seen as the main symbol of oppression in the film. The security robots are made to keep the peace however use unnecessary force to subdue people. Security robots are programmed to maintain the earth-bound populace and stopping them from reaching Elysium. Security robots are equipped with batons and advance weaponry and a variety of combat skills. The Mise en scene reveals that

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