George Orwell 's Animal Farm

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In the novel Animal Farm, by George Orwell, and the film Elysium, directed by Neill Blomkamp, the authors present a world where inequality between different social classes is evident. Both Orwell and Blomkamp explore the idea of inequality by setting their text in a society where the weak are oppressed by the strong who have power and authority over them. In Animal Farm, Napoleon takes over the farm and becomes a dictator, setting a hierarchy of power to sustain power. Whilst in Elysium, Max, the main protagonist, fights back against the authority of Elysium and sacrifices his life to ensure free healthcare for all back on Earth. To explore the idea of inequality, both authors uses symbolism to explore the theme of oppression, the contrast in setting of los Angeles and Elysium in Elysium and Mr. Jones’ Farm in Animal Farm, to show inequality between the weak and strong. Orwell uses the characterisation of Napoleon whereas Blomkamp uses symbol of Med Bays to highlight the theme of power and control. Fighting for freedom is shown differently in both texts, with Orwell using narrative perspective and Blomkamp showing Max’s journey through cinematography to show their views on inequality.
Symbolism is used in both texts to explore the theme of oppression. Both Orwell and Blomkamp use symbolism to highlight how people in power oppress their subjects in the societies of both texts. In Animal Farm the seven commandments, that are considered as law, are seen as the main symbol…

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