George Orwell 's ' Beasts Of England '

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Old Major-
Paraphrase- Old Major was a very elderly, prize winning boar who had strong belief of a rebellion caused by the animals of the once named, Manor Farm.

Observe- To this old boar, Man is the problem in their situation. He seems to have come up with the idea that Man can only do bad, and animals can only do good. Thus, the gathering in the barn about a rebellion happening. All of the animals, or “comrades,” on the farm take his words seriously. However, they were unaware the serious matter of rebellion would occur soon rather than later.

Contextualize- Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, the fathers of communism, are symbolized by Old Major. Old Major leaves behind the idea of Animalism. Before his death, Old Major teaches “Beasts of England”, an anthem that represents the socialist revolutionary anthem “The Internationale,” to all of the animals.

Analyze- Old Major’s vision of a socialist Utopia is the base of the Rebellion and Animal Farm itself. He birthed the idea of Animalism, much like Marx and Lenin were the fathers of communism.

Finalized Response- Willingdon Beauty, a.k.a, Old Major, was a purebred boar raised for winning animal shows, had a dream of rebellion. By sharing this dream, he brought Animalism to the Manor Farm. Old Major’s ideas blossomed into true events which led to the creation of Animal Farm. This process was important just as Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin’s communism ideas.

Paraphrase- Mollie is a vain, female horse who loves sugar

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