George Stein 's Role At Eastern Diary

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George Stein grew up in the suburbs of a major East Coast city. Inevitably, every summer between school semesters George likes to work so he can continue he interest-saturated lifestyle which includes showing his girlfriend, Cathy, around to fun events and spending money on his love of hot rods. This semester, after his freshmen year at college, George managed to secure himself a comfortable union job which offers overtime and a paycheck far larger than he could have ever received any previous summer.
George’s new role at Eastern Diary situated him on the nightshift team where there were no managers, just a team leader, Paul, who everyone on the shift looked to for direction. Although Paul and the nightshift crew held a sense of responsibility for getting their work done, the visible artifacts of horseplay tended to supersede the overall company’s element of culture which includes the safety of the employees and customers. Their role was to follow the production order of ice cream handed to Paul by the day shift’s superintendent. One night in particular, George found the ice cream production line halted by maggots clogging up the piping. On an occasion in certain bags of ingredients, likely those of which were left and forgotten, maggots would get in. In order to save the company money, finish the shift on time and on order, Paul advised George to release the filters and effectively let the maggots into the ice cream. Staring down the filters of ice cream and…
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