George W. Bush's ' Never Say The Never Again '

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September 11th, 2001 is a day that will live in infamy for many years to come. Americans’ hearts were broken and lives were lost. In an effort to not only amended the wound, but also create a stronger nation, George W. Bush coined the term “Never Again”. For many years the phrase “Never Again” was a symbol of hope. Looking closer at Jolliet Kayyem’s article published in the Magazine Foreign policy 2012, entitled “Never say ‘Never Again’”. One could decipher that she used a copious amount of rhetorical devices effectively to form and support her thesis statement. The thesis of the article was that the narrowed term “Never Again” initially changed the publics view on nine eleven and the department of homeland security, as well as influenced policy making decisions. The article starts off by stating that politicians will not be invited to the eleventh anniversary of nine eleven. The reasoning behind this theory that she gives is because of political feuds that can happed during the ceremony, she states this would make the ceremony more of a political stunt, which takes away from the intimacy that the ceremony is meant to have for the victims of nine eleven and their families. It then says that nine eleven has become more of an event, rather than a personal ceremony specifically for the families who experienced tragedy during nine eleven. The slogan “Never Again”, which was coined by George W. Bush, was used to justify his decisions in the Iraq war as well as domestic
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