George Washington And Jefferson 's Influence On The Independence Of Our Country Essay

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There are very few people who wouldn’t think about George Washington,John Adams and Thomas Jefferson when someone mentions the Founding Fathers. Without a doubt we can say that they were three very important men who greatly affected the independence of our country. Out of three, Washington and Jefferson are more talked about. They helped form this nation into a sovereign and free country. Both were great men who did so much to shape and protect this country and it is impossible to say that one did a better job than the other. Washington and Jefferson did what was best for this county even though they had different views on many issues. Both grew up in Virginia,but they were from two different class levels of living. Jefferson grew up in more famous and richer family which gave him many opportunities in education. He went to college where he was introduced to the writings of Isaac Newton,John Locke,and Francis Bacon which later influenced his political views. After Jefferson graduated from college he worked as a lawyer and later got into politics. Prior to his presidency he had many government positions such as Member of Virginia House of Burgesses,Member of Continental Congress, Governor of Virginia,Secretary of State,just to list a few. He was well educated in many different fields. Because Jefferson had very good writing skills he was asked to write the main draft of Declaration of Independence,but when he was done it was edited so much. Another writing,which Jefferson

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