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The Impact of Washington on the Course of the Revolution The Study of History Section 3 Danielle Mann Professor Pastor December 20, 2010 In 1776, the colonialists of the thirteen colonies of Great Britain and it’s king rose up to protest against absolute rule. After the colonists rebelled and declared independence, a war erupted as King George III wished to crush the “rebellion” leading up to the War of Independence or most commonly referred to as the Revolutionary War. The War of the American Revolution was a time of …show more content…

As quoted from the actual speech given on June 19, 1775, and signed by John Hancock, it states: We reposing especial trust and confidence in your patriotism, conduct, and fidelity, do by these presents constitute and appoint you to be General and Commander in chief of the army of the United Colonies and of all the forces raised or to be raised by them and of all others who shall voluntarily offer their service and join the said army for the defence of American Liberty and for repelling every hostile invasion thereof and you are hereby vested with full power and authority to act as you shall think for the good and Welfare of the service.5 It is important to understand that Washington did not campaign for this position. He kept quiet and always kept his anger within bounds. He cared intensely, not because he was conceited but because he was proud.6 The fact that the Continental Congress put so much faith into Washington proved that he would do extraordinary things for our rising country. Washington was gratified by becoming commander-in-chief and because of his personality, he never let his military failures in the past cause him to second guess his ability to lead. Washington was chosen unanimously and no one could have better fit the criteria that the Congress was looking for. During the next eight years of

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