Georgia State Perimeter College Clarkston Campus

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On Thursday evening, February 9, 2017, my mother drove me to Georgia State Perimeter College Clarkston Campus which is located in Clarkston, Georgia for my second mandatory encounter for HUMN 1000. Due to the fact that I was going at night, it was quite a boring drive to Georgia State University Clarkston Campus (GSUPC); however, on the way to GSUPC, I had the anxious feeling of not knowing what to expect from the play I was going to watch, SHE. SHE is a play that was written and devised by Shirlene Holmes and Anastasia Wilson. Eventually, I would reach the Fine Arts building at GSUPC with my anxiety at full throttle. Although my mother drove me to see the play, she did not stay to watch driving away while wishing me good luck. I then…show more content…
White represents cleanliness, holiness, and purity which are all components to not only the actors the but the community in which they are a part of. To add on this the actors were barefoot which is a very unique and distinct aspect of the play. This also has more symbolism than what meets the eye. As a society, we attribute, or connect, the appearance of barefeet with poverty, sorrow and primitivity. Once again, the play turns this stigma on its head as showing this society as an “ideal” and as one that even the antagonists coveted and wanted to take by force. Speaking of the antagonists, the “evil” actors of the play would be the doctors. It is inferred that the antagonists are doctors since they wore green lab clothing save a lab coat. The apparel of the doctors were even accompanied by face masks. The doctors and their clothing are also good symbols in this play, but unlike the barefeet symbol, doctors are seen as something positive in today’s society-a necessity. However, in the play, the doctors are coming to not only bring destruction to the utopia but also to take whatever they please by force. The doctors also represent something more realistic in the play, the evil of knowledge. In our society knowledge is something that people either covet or regret, and in this play it’s obvious that knowledge is something that the doctors covet. This conclusion is reached by the fact that the color of the doctors’ apparel was green.
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