The Real Queen Of Hearts Ain T Even Pretty Analysis

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On February 18, 2017, I attended a play production at the Bean Brown Theatre located at Shelton State Community College. The name of the production was The Real Queen of Hearts Ain’t Even Pretty. As a spectator of the play, with no foreknown knowledge of its content, I enjoyed the play. It had many comedic components. Within The Real Queen of Hearts Ain’t Even Pretty, there are elements of both art and entertainment. One element of art in the production is the overall portrayal of the beauty show, the Queen of Hearts. The beauty show is considered a work of art because it allows the contestants to depict what they consider beautiful. Throughout the whole play, the element of entertainment surrounds the play because it gives the audience…show more content…
At this point in the play, you also learn more underlying problems of all the characters; for example, Paula’s struggle with bulimia. As the play concludes, Cass and Paula develop their own feelings about Sherri Lee and gravitate towards her instead of Liz, whom they leave alone at the end. In the production, The Real Queen of Hearts Ain’t Even Pretty, I believe the most important character is Liz Nichols. She serves as the antagonist of the play against Sherri Lee Speer. Liz uses her sense of power to shape Cass into her own shadow, as well as form how Cass and Paula feel about Sherri Lee. The overlying theme of The Real Queen of Hearts Ain’t Even Pretty is struggling importance. Throughout the play, each character shares their struggle of importance or they either share what they do to remain important or even at times relevant. For Sherri Lee Speers, she shares with the other girls how she changes her personality each time she moves to another area to mimic another girl from her previous location The diction within the play was very strong and understandable. The actors were sure to enunciate even while mimicking, or when Sherri Lee used accents to dictate a southern
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