Gerald Graf : An Analysis Of Hidden Intellectualism By Gerald Graff

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Education. I believe it to be one of the greatest gifts this world could give us. My mother always told me that knowledge is power and that I could never learn enough. She taught me to love being the best I could be and to always want to know more, to question everything. There have been countless times that life has tried to take away my mom’s faith and strength, but she always felt the need to keep herself educated. When she needed to get somewhere, she walked. She had to. This improved her sense of direction and helped her in receiving a job as a postal carrier. From there, she became a federal police officer for the U.S. Postal Service. Working her way up, she was able to become a successful manager at a postal plant. But to get …show more content…

This is because in secondary education, we are being prepared for adulthood. You can take the information you were given and use it to achieve the goals you had thought or dreamed about throughout high school. Instead of struggling to learn the primary material all at once while finding a job, you already have that knowledge by finishing school. Not only does high school prepare you for life by giving you basic education, it also gives you the chance to develop or search new interests you may not be aware of. Through elective classes, you can explore different subjects that could turn into a potential major. Not all schools offer this, but most of them do. If they do, it is something to always take advantage of. If not, you could always get volunteer hours to build up your resume for jobs or if you do have the intention on going to college and expand your mind. It is better to volunteer during high school because it shows that you have a strong work ethic and are determined to succeed in and serious about what you want to do. For me, the competitive environment that high school belongs to can be a good thing considering the fact that it allows students to push themselves instead of slacking off. It is easy to get more involved in a competitive atmosphere because some people like to be better than everyone else. And that’s okay. Being more involved brings me to another statement in which Graff says that sports debates and other

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