Essay on Germany – A Leading Economy with an Arguable life Quality

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The article “Vorsprung Durch Exports”, translated “Advance Through Exports” was published online in the “Economist” on Feb 3rd 2011 from their print edition. The author who is not named concentrates on the economic performance of the G7 member countries, mainly on Germany. Compared to the other countries of the G7, Germany is the best performer of the last decade. With a GDP expansion rate of 3.6% Germany put itself ahead of most other rich countries, including the United States. Furthermore, the author covers the growth of Germany’s GDP per person compared to that of the United States. It also contrasts unemployment rates of East Berlin and California. Other major points mentioned in the article include Germany’s healthy and conservative …show more content…

This is all transferred to the government. All taxes and insurances are mandatory except for the church tax, which covers eight percent of the monthly income. However, if a resident of Germany doesn’t want to pay church taxes he has to do is resign from his church. The negative effect on that decision is that somebody who is not a member of a church and who is not paying church taxes can’t get their children baptized. Germany’s majority is Christian and this decision will negatively influence their life.
In my assumption, the only reason Germany can show such growth in GDP is because the country is taking too much advantage of their social structure. After World War II, Germany built a social structure, which includes national health care for everyone, unemployment payments for everyone and social security payments. As my father as an economist always says: The game is still the same, but the rules have changed dramatically. The retirement age was extended from fifty-five to sixty-seven, health insurance needs extra fees for a doctor’s visit and unemployment payments are limited to sixty-seven percent of a calculated twelve-month average income for the first twelve months. After the 12th month the government supports their residents in a subsistence level.
This brings me to the decreased unemployment rate

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