Getting Home From School And Finding Yourself Essay

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Imagine getting home from school and finding yourself in isolation. You come home to find out that your parents are no longer there because they have been deported. Living in this country with undocumented parents implements a fear in millions of kids including myself. In 2015, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) records that 235,413 people were deported. Since most kids with undocumented parents are U.S citizens, when their parents get deported they face having to get separated. This shows how cruel the U.S deportation system works, the system is separating families and it’s affecting the lives of millions of U.S citizen children. When parents get deported they have to make the hard decision of taking their children to a foreign country where they probably will not receive the same opportunities they get in the U.S. Unfortunately, in some cases kids end up in foster care when no other care is provided. This process is devastating because no parent should ever be separated from their children. Everyday undocumented immigrants have to live through the fear of getting stopped by a cop and get deported. So the question is, should undocumented immigrants be allowed to live in the U.S without fear of getting deported? The answer should be yes. Immigrants should have the liberty to live a life where they don 't have to be scared of the people who should be protecting them. Most people have the ideal that all immigrants are criminals; however, that is not nearly true.

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