Getting It Wrong Summary

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Many intellectuals have touched on the problems with African Americans today and the statistics presented on dropout rates, graduation rates and etc. However, a huge issue that isn’t well presented are the challenges and progress that black males are making and have made in the American educational system today. In the book Getting It Wrong, By Algernon Austin, he touches on so many relevant topics in the african american community today pertaining to black males. Such as, the myths dealing with our African American men’s imprisonment rates, the poverty rates amongst blacks, the “high” pregnancy rates amongst our Black girls, racial discrimination in America, dealing with race in the work force and lack of education in the Black community, just to name a few topics. However, the key and most important struggle that he talks about is how Black intellectuals view Black America and how we are basically judged from statistics. In my opinion he proves how incorrect they are about the statistics with drop out rates, poverty rates, and etc. Many authors, comedians, and highly educated individuals such as Henry Louis Gates Jr., Derrick Bell, Bill Cosby and Hamil Harris, just to name a few all brought up valid points about the troubles in Black America and how as a people we are basically failing ourselves. Yet, my question is and remains, what exactly are …show more content…

Many documentaries and articles have been put out by high ranking intellectuals that realize the achievment gap between white americans and black americans. How can we fix this? However, in the documentary “American Promise”, filmed by Joe Brewster and Michele Stephenson, they follow the lives of 2 young black males growing up in a public and private school system. One of the young men (Idris) who attends an elite private school in Brooklyn New York

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