Gettysburg Essay

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Living in close proximity to Gettysburg, I have spent many weekends of my childhood hiking through the numerous acres of woods on Culp’s Hill, climbing the gigantic boulders in Devil’s Den, and tramping through the marshes of Plum Run. Enjoying the scenic beauty is just the beginning as to what Gettysburg has to offer. However, why is Gettysburg so important to us all as Americans? What made this small town so famous that tens of thousands of tourists from all over the globe come to walk through the many wheat fields in the surrounding countryside? While wandering those same fields that Union and Confederate soldiers fought on some one hundred and forty years ago, I asked myself why this place was so significant. …show more content…

The next question I asked Mr. Kise focused on why the victory at Gettysburg was so very pivotal to the Union. In my own analysis of the battle, I did not expect the answer that I received from him. He said that in his “own personal opinion of what makes Gettysburg so important, is Lincoln’s speech four months after the battle” (Kise). He goes on to explain that even though the Union Army won a substantial victory at Gettysburg and helped to turn back the invading Confederate Army, it was when Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address that gave the battle meaning. Lincoln turned the war from “merely holding the Union together, to giving a ‘new birth of freedom’” (Kise).

My next question for Mr. Kise is probably the most asked question of the battle of Gettysburg. I wanted to know what would have occurred if the Confederacy had won the battle. Mr. Kise came to the conclusion that Lee “would have had to withdraw eventually” due to the fact that he did not have many supplies left and he had lost almost a third of his army (Kise). He also argues that “the North, with its superior transportation system, could have quickly brought up other troops” (Kise). In all, Mr. Kise felt that Gettysburg was indeed a key battle for the Union in that the Army of the Potomac was victorious. However, there were other factors that made it such a key battle as

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